Shuttle’s SX79R5 received a score of 8.9 and Recommended Award

IGN Middle East is operated by Tbreak media FZ LLC. The leading websites in the Middle East for technology, video games and entertainment enthusiast markets, Tbreak media is the publisher of and The Shuttle’s SX79R5 has recently received the 8.9/10 rating and highly recommended award from The XPC barebone SX79R5 uses Intel X79 chipset to support high-end graphic card and Intel® Core™ i7 Sandy Bridge E series processors, which provide users a reliable and stable performance. A 500 Watt power supply with 80 PLUS BRONZE certification comes pre-installed in the tiny footprint. The SX79R5 comes packed in a small package and it’s definitely a gamers’ pick to LAN parties.

“Good things come in small packages. With all of this power at my disposal in such a small form factor, I had to take the SX79R5 out for a spin. My tests would first start with using basic programs that I used to run on my regular machine, followed by benchmarks, and finally a few rounds of gaming. Benchmarks on the SX79R5 ran flawlessly, with the system having no problems at all running tests on PCMark and 3DMark. So does the Shuttle SX79R5 deserve your attention as a viable small form factor desktop replacement? The answer is absolutely yes. It’s comical just how much you can cram into this tiny frame if you choose your components wisely, and anyone who’s tired of a hulking tower PC under their desk will certainly appreciate the SX79R5’s comparatively small footprint. With plenty of power under the hood and such a small frame, the Shuttle SX79R5 is no doubt a force to be reckoned with.” said by the editor of tbreak media Nick Rego.

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