Shuttle Rolls Out eSPA Online Notebook Ordering System

Elmshorn, Germany, March 1, 2010 – Following the announcement of the Shuttle New Notebook Ecosystem at CES early this year, Shuttle further rolled out a new online notebook ordering system to provide an easy-to-reach platform for worldwide notebook customers, including local brands and supply chain. To get in touch with Shuttle

The notebook ecosystem allows horizontal integration for Shuttle, which in contrast to the vertical integration of current ODM companies, results in more platform choices for customers. These affiliated partners include ID houses, tooling and mechanical vendors, contract EMS partners, and key components suppliers.

After registering a Shuttle eSPA account, customers are able to reach Shuttle product offerings with just a few steps. Following LCD, platform and ID selection order, customers can access the product details such as specifications and photos on the eSPA website. Furthermore, Shuttle can also customize IDs if customers need more IDs than existing offerings. With a reasonable cost, the Shuttle eSPA system provides customers diversified product combo possibilities and leading ID capability. To ensure competitiveness in the rapidly changing notebook ODM/OEM industry, Shuttle sales representatives will respond to customers with detailed information within 48 hours.

The Shuttle eSPA is also a platform for interested partners. All customers and those who are further interested in becoming Shuttle’s business partners can reach Shuttle at

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Shuttle’s new ecosystem creates a notebook standard based on a standardized motherboard and minimizes the time and cost required to create a new design..

With partners in every phase of the notebook building process in the new ecosystem, Shuttle is able to offer a full supply chain, a complete platform line, more ID solutions, and flexible delivery terms from complete system or barebone to SKD or CKD. At the same cost or less as existing ODM companies, local OEMs gain flexibility, customization, and most importantly, standardization by building a solution based on the Shuttle notebook ecosystem.

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